A list of websites fully designed and developed in-house

These are websites where I was the sole contributor as far as the client interaction, the concept development, the design and layout and the development. Some of the sites are pure HTML that utilize extensive CSS and jQuery libraries. Other sites are built using a Content Management System of Joomla or WordPress.

These sites illustrate my skills in HTML, CSS, jQuery, Joomla and WordPress. The more recent sites have responsive functionality for large screens and mobile devices. They also display my use of fonts, colors and the creation of graphics using Adobe Illustrator and the optimizing and cropping of photographs using Adobe Photoshop.


poudretrail.org is a website created on a volunteer basis for the Poudre River Trail Corridor. Originally, their website was a dated looking HTML site with limited information and broken links. The current site is a complete rebuild of the site using a Joomla 3.2 environment.

The site has extensive photography, slideshows, trail head information, Google based zoomable maps, sections for donors, trail conditions, FAQs, event information and a lightbox style photo gallery.


Visit poudretrail.org

Screenshot for freedommount.com

Freedommount.com is a website for a financial advisory company based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is based on a Joomla 3 CMS environment. It is fully responsive. The front page has a large header with dramatic graphics and the interior pages have a smaller sized header for more content space. The colors and font were selected to reflect the type of business presented with the site.

The site was built with the client in mind for easy editing of content.


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Screenshot for upstatecolorado.org

upstatecolorado.org is a website built entirely with HTML. It utilizes JavaScript and jQuery for slideshows. The site was created through an internship at Aims Community College for the Upstate Colorado Economic Development group based in Greeley, Colorado. The site is for promoting economic development in Weld County.

The colors, fonts and graphics were designed to reflect the colors and ambiance of Weld County while keeping a clean corporate appearance.



Visit upstatecolorado.org

Screenshot for walkridecolorado.com

WalkRideColorado.com is a website with detailed descriptions and extensive maps of recreational trails throughout Colorado. The fully zoomable maps were created using Google Maps API V3 with colored overlays of the routes and parking and restroom location icons. The site utilized a responsive layout for large and mobile devices. It uses jQuery slideshows for the photographs.

The site is built in a Joomla 3.2 environment. This site is self-owned and is built for monetization. The web traffic is being monitored daily for number of visitors, keyword usage, page tracking and location of the visitors.


Visit walkridecolorado.com

Screenshot for gwtrail.com

gwtrail.com is a site built with WordPress for the ease of the client to edit content and add additional pages. The client is the Great Western Trail Authority. The site presents a small recreational trail system located between the towns of Windsor and Severance in Northern Colorado. The site includes a zoomable Google map illustrating the location of the trail and a link to a printable map.

The fonts, graphics and colors used on the site reflect the environment and history of the trail and the site elaborates on the history with the use of old photographs.


Visit gwtrail.com

Screenshot for lindhorstmassage.com

lindhorstmassage.com is a website for a local client that has her own business doing therapeutic massage. The site was built entirely in an HTML environment. The site uses jQuery library files for slideshows and navigational tabs.

The fonts, graphics and colors used were selected to create a relaxing and comforting feel. Stock photography was used for many of the photographs.


Visit lindhorstmassage.com

Screenshot for bj.zemplate.com

bj.zemplate.com is a site that expands on the Protostar Template that comes with Joomla 3+. The Protostar Template uses Bootstrap 2 for responsive web design. This site has details, tips and techniques for using the template.

This is a self-owned site for learning more about Bootstrap and for learning Google Analytics for tracking visitors. This site is visited frequently by web developers throughout the world. It has over 4,000 sessions each month.


Visit bj.zemplate.com

Screenshot for jQ.Zemplate.com

jQ.Zemplate.com is a self-owned website for monetization. jQ.Zemplate is a resource for learning more about JavaScript and jQuery. On this website, there are easy to understand and contrite explanations, tutorials and examples for the beginner. It is also a resource for code snippets.

Visit jq.zemplate.com

Screenshot for joom3.zemplate.com

joom3.zemplate.com is a website that expands on Joomla 3+ Content Management System. This site walks the visitor through all of the administrative pages that come with a core Joomla installation. It also explains the installation and use of the JCE Editor for Joomla.

This is a very popular site that is visited by visitors in many countries, especially England, Germany, India and Austrailia where Joomla is used frequently as the CMS of choice


Visit joom3.zemplate.com

Screenshot for mycoloradogarden.com

mycoloradogarden is a self-owned website for monetization and to learn more about the WordPress CMS environment. The site utilizes extensive editing of the template for specialized functionality.

All of the graphics and photographs used on the site were created or taken by myself.


Visit mycoloradogarden.walkridecolorado.com